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Title: Bulletin 144: Anti-Virus Programs, D–700 and D-500 Plus Radio Alarm Systems
Description: Proper policies and procedures, fully enforced, will ensure that your D–700 and D-500 Plus Radio Alarm Systems remain virus free.

Download this Product Support Bulletin for Monaco's recommendations.
Title: Bulletin 143: Monaco M Panel Relay Suppression Diode Installation
Description: Monaco's M-1 and M-2 Integrated Radio Transceiver and Fire Alarm Control Panels can support many control operations including external relays. Download this bulletin for information on protecting the M Panels from high energy pulses when the coil of the relay is de-energized.
Title: Bulletin 142: Narrowband Transceivers for the D-500 Radio Alarm System
Description: Monaco's D-500 Radio Alarm System Transceivers are now available with narrowband radios only. Download this Product Support Bulletin for additional information.
Title: Bulletin 136: M Panel Planner
Description: Monaco is pleased to announce the release of the M Panel Planner. The Planner is designed to assist an M-1 or M-2 Panel user to program all or a part of the configuration.

This Product Support Bulletin provides information on the menu selections associated with the Planner.

The Planner runs on a user provided Windows 3.1 or 95 computer.
Title: Bulletin 132 Technical Assistance/Depot Level Maintenance
Description: Monaco has a staff of Product Support Technicians available to answer questions and help you maximize the efficiency of your installed alarm systems. We also provide depot level maintenance. This bulletin describes the many benefits of utilizing Monaco's Repair Center.
Title: Bulletin 131 Tamper Switch Kits
Description: Do you want to provide greater security for your Monaco BT2 and M-2/M-1 series Transceivers?

The best way to accomplish this is by ordering our field retrofit Tamper Switch Kits.

For additional information on these kits, request a copy of this Product Support Bulletin or call our Customer Service Department
Title: Bulletin 129 M-1 or M-2 Programming Guide
Description: This programming guide will walk you through programming of the M-1 or M-2. Request a copy for your reference and use.
Title: Bulletin 128 Smoke Detector Verification
Description: Verification of the presence of smoke is a feature used to aid in the reduction of false alarms commonly associated with smoke detectors. This bulletin explains how this feature can be used with our Vulcan I and M-1/M-2 panels.
Title: Bulletin 126 M-1/M-2 Programming Guide
Description: Do you need help when programming and M-1 or M-2? This bulletin identifies the manuals that you should have to refer to. Also see Bulletin 129 for additional assistance.
Title: Bulletin 125 When's the last time you tested your fire alarm system batteries?
Description: If it has been awhile, this bulletin will provide you with information that you should be aware of.
Title: Bulletin 124 Questions and Answers on the M–1 and M–2
Description: Do you have questions regarding the M-1 or M-2 Integrated Radio Transceiver and Fire Alarm Control Panel? They may be answered in this bulletin. Request your copy to find out. Then, if you still have questions, contact our Product Support Group for assistance.
Title: Bulletin 123 D-700/500 Interface Module Option
Description: D-500 Plus Radio Alarm System customers can upgrade to the D-700 system. This bulletin provides the details. Also available from our Customer Service Department are descriptive literature, pricing proposals, and a brochure.
Title: Bulletin 122 D-700 Radio Alarm System BT2-7 Transceiver Interface Module Option
Description: Monaco has developed an Interface Module that provides manual or automatic RF control of devices that need to be turned on or off from the D-700 command center. Request a copy of this bulletin for complete information on this enhancement to your D-700 Radio Alarm System.
Title: Bulletin 117 Antenna Maintenance
Description: When our Product Support Group receives calls from radio alarm system customers who have difficulty establishing reliable communication between the central and a transceiver, the solution is often found by inspecting the antenna installation. This bulletin provides procedures to test the antenna installation.
Title: Bulletin 116 Finding Your Way
Description: Do you sometimes have trouble finding your way around your D-500 Plus or D-700 program? This bulletin provides a flow chart that we think will help you. Request your copy today.
Title: Bulletin 114 M-1/M-2 Power Down Before Taking Cards Out!
Description: Sometimes it is necessary to remove or install zone expansion cards or auxiliary output cards to troubleshoot or expand the M-1/M-2 capabilities. When doing so, it is imperative that all power from the M-1/M-2 be removed first.

This bulletin provides procedures for the proper power down of the unit.
Title: Bulletin 113 Repair by Replacement Program
Description: The Repair by Replacement program allows radio alarm system customers to upgrade their CPU as it approaches the end of its life span.

This bulletin provides D-500 Plus customers with information on how to upgrade to the latest CPU.

The Repair by Replacement program is also available for D-700 customers. Contact our Customer Service Department for additional information.
Title: Bulletin 112 Floppy Drive Cleaning Program
Description: The data base for your D-700 or D-500 Plus Radio Alarm System is unique to you. And, it is the only part of your fire protection system that Monaco can not provide to you in the event of a component failure. That is why it is essential that a routine cleaning program be followed to ensure that your system will operate properly.

This bulletin provides detailed information on cleaning your floppy drives and backing up your data base.
Title: Bulletin 111 Coaxial Cable
Description: Correct practices relative to coaxial cable installation are essential for a good communication link. This bulletin provides guidance regarding proper cable terminations and reducing excess cable.
Title: Bulletin 108 What Monaco's SRD Can Do For You!
Description: Monaco's Signal Receiving Device (SRD) will significantly improve the productivity of your alarm shop personnel.

It will help your staff to:
  • Identify ideal antenna locations for new Transceivers
  • Precisely align a directional antenna
  • Easily locate sources of RF interference
  • Measure signal strength between the central and a potential transceiver location
  • Determine if the RF signal at an existing antenna location has deteriorated

    For additional information, request your copy of this bulletin.
  • Title: Bulletin 107 Taking the Printer Off-Line
    Description: When you need to take the printer for your Monaco Radio Alarm System off line so paper can be added or the print ribbon can be changed, there are instructions that you should follow.

    This bulletin provides you with instructions which will help you perform this system maintenance correctly.
    Title: Bulletin 105 Dynamic Battery Analyzer
    Description: Why wait for false alarms or low battery signals to discover a dead battery? Now you can test 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries with capacities ranging from one amp hour to twenty four amp hours!

    For additional information, request your copy of this bulletin today.
    Title: Bulletin 102 Antenna Installation
    Description: Many of the calls we receive from our Radio Alarm System customers who are having problems receiving Transceiver messages are the result of the antenna not being cut to the proper length.

    For additional information on this subject, please request your copy of the bulletin.
    Title: Bulletin 100 Database Planning
    Description: It is critical when assigning BT2 and Zone Identification (ZID) numbers in the D-700 Radio Alarm System that they be assigned in an ascending sequential order starting with the number 1.

    For additional information, request your copy of Product Support Bulletin #100.
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