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BT-X FSK Fire and MNS (Mass Notification System) Training

DESCRIPTION: Monaco's BT-X FSK (Frequency Shift Key) Multi Application Transceiver is installed in protected buildings and communicates to the D-21 Central Receiving System. The BT-X FSK Multi Application Transceivers Class is an intensive week of education. Students learn how to install, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain the BT-X FSK Multi Application Transceiver and the BT-X MNS M-2 interface. Extensive hands-on time is provided for troubleshooting, using test equipment, programming the BT-X Transceiver, and using diagnostics. Including training on the D-21 MNS and the BT-X MNS to M-2 FACP Interface. The antenna lab teaches students how to correctly terminate coaxial cable and install antennas to prevent 80 percent of problems that customers encounter with radio transmissions. This class is a must for anyone who works with Monaco BT-X transceivers.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who is responsible for radio alarm, Mass Notification systems, planning/reviewing/specification writing, installation, acceptance, and maintenance.


  • The Fire Alarm Systems Design & Maintenance class within the last two years, or NICET Level II, or five years of experience in fire alarm panel installation is required to attend.
  • Pentium-class laptop computer with Windows 95 or later, CD ROM, and at least one 9-pin RS-232 serial port or a 9-pin RS-232 to USB adaptor to program the transceivers. Students need administrative rights to their computer to install software used in the class.


  • D-21 FSK system overview

  • Antenna coaxial cable lab

  • BT-X FSK Multi Application Transceiver operation, programming, maintenance, and troubleshooting for Fire and MNS

  • BT-X MNS M-2 interface installation, operation, programming, maintenance, and troubleshooting

  • System checkout, test equipment

  • D-21 central station equipment Fire and MNS programming setup

    FEE: $1,400.00

    COURSE NUMBER: 020-020-00

    CLASS LIMIT: Class size is limited to 18 students. Register early to ensure space availability.

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