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MAAP-X Addressable, Point Reporting, MNS (Point-to-Point)

DESCRIPTION: Covers installation, programming, testing, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of MAAP-X addressable MNS FACP, which reports to the D-21 Central Receiving System through a built-in radio transceiver. The course also covers basic D-21 data entry for MAAP-X addressable MNS FACP, as well as antenna installation, troubleshooting, testing, radio transmissions with the D-21 and MNS local operating consoles. Extensive Labs teach students the following:

  • Class is taught through lecture and by hands-on labs, wiring addressable devices, MAAP-X programming through the Planner software, and testing to include transmissions with the D-21 Central Receiving System.
  • Students learn the 3 operation modes of an MAAP-X FACP: stand-alone (no radio), point reporting, and non-point reporting.
  • Students learn how to program the panel using conventional IDCs and addressable SLCs. Students also learn how to use the new MNS features and capabilities of the MAAP-X. Point reporting, sensor grouping, local operating consoles, and text displays are also covered.
  • Students receive MAP-X Planner software to program the panels.
  • Students learn how to import a MAAP-X point reporting database file into the D-21.

Students with a laptop computer will receive hands-on experience programming panels using the planning software.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who programs, installs, operates, and maintains MAAP-X addressable, point reporting, MNS panels


  • The Fire Alarm Systems Design & Maintenance class, NICET Level II, or five years of experience in fire alarm panel installation is required to attend.
  • Pentium-class laptop computer with Windows 95 or later, CD ROM, and at least one 9-pin RS-232 serial port or a 9-pin RS-232 to USB adaptor to program the transceivers. Students need administrative rights to their computer to install software used in the class.
  • 1Gb thumb drive


  • Addressable FACP overview
  • Operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Configuration and programming using the MAP-X Planner, and transferring configuration files to the D-21

FEE: $1,400.00

COURSE NUMBER: 020-024-00

CLASS LIMIT: Class size is limited to 18 students. Register early to ensure space availability.


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