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The IDM-64 Control Unit indicates the year by its two last digits: for example, 1999 is indicated by 99, and years 2000 through 2099 are indicated as 00 through 99. The first two digits of the year cannot be entered and are not displayed.

Leap years 00 through 08, 40 through 48, and 80 through 88 are handled correctly by the firmware algorithms. Leap years for 12 through 36, 52 through 76, and 92 and 96 are not handled correctly by the firmware algorithms and must be manually updated by the operator for the leap year dates to display and print correctly.

All other IDM-64 system components (RIM I, RIM II, CCTV Control Interface, Display Map, and ICM) are not date sensitive (they have no clock/calendar function), therefore are fully Year 2000 compliant.

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