Radio fire alarms, wireless security alarms and addressable fire panels back


Monaco's Radio Alarm System Modems (RFM-5000 and RFM-7000) are Year 2000 compliant. NOTE: The version of the EPROM IC for the D-500 Plus Modem (Part Number 326-076-00) must be revision G or later, the D-700 Standard Modem (Part Numbers 326-093-00 and 326-093-01) must be revision D or later, while the D-700 Enhanced Modem (Part Number 326-106-00) can use any existing revision to function properly with the central reporting system's software program.

The modems do not have an internal clock or calendar chip, and these functions are not implemented in the firmware of the RFM 5000 or the RFM 7000 products, therefore they are not date sensitive. While our RFM 5000 and RFM 7000 Modems do use embedded chips in the form of microprocessors and EPROMs, the firmwares of these systems do not perform any calculations that are date or time dependent.


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